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CompoSecure (NASDAQ: CMPO) is a trusted fintech leader with over 20 years of experience developing innovative, secure, payment solutions worldwide. We manufacture over 30 million premium metal cards in New Jersey each year for the largest banks in the world. CompoSecure’s innovative payment card technology and metal cards with Arculus security and authentication capabilities deliver unique, premium branded experiences. We enable people to access and use their financial and digital assets while ensuring trust at the point of every transaction.

Over 20 Years of Innovation

Schedule a demo to learn more about Arculus Business Solutions and how they empower your customers with enhanced features to meet today's security threats.

When you give your customers a premium metal card Powered by Arculus, their FIDO2 security keys are encrypted and embedded in the metal card for the ultimate in security. With Arculus Authenticate, your customers are protected and can tap to:

Secure your customers.

Unlock simple and secure authentication for your customers


Stop by booth #6652, or book an on-site meeting to learn how you can unlock revenue growth with highly accurate identity verification and reduce risk throughout the customer lifecycle.

This year, you don’t want to miss:

  • Live demoes of the Arculus platform
  • In-person discussions with the Executive and Product team on the latest version of Arculus Authenticate, purpose-built to be leveraged by brands to enable seamless and secure authentication for your customers.

Arculus Cold Storage features multi-factor authentication with our white-label app or SDK for integration with your tech stack. Now, you can provide offline, secure cold storage for your customer’s digital assets, giving them the control for their future. This Web3 solution is perfect for:

  • Exchanges & DAOs
  • Chains, Tokens & DApps
  • Marketplaces
  • Platforms

Bring convenience and self-custody into the world of Web3

Meet the CompoSecure Team

Jon Wilke
Chief Executive Officer & President

Amanda Gourbault
Chief Revenue Officer

Lewis Rubovitz
Chief Strategy Officer

Adam Lowe
Chief Product & Innovation Officer

Stephen Luft
Vice President Technical Sales


Simple security for crypto, payments, and authentication.


Discover how one metal card can do it all, powered by Arculus®

Our Arculus Business Solutions are for exchanges, marketplaces, fintechs, financial institutions, banks, and more who want to offer a new, frictionless experience to secure their customers' future. Learn how with the power of metal you can offer crypto cold storage, enable secure payments, and provide secure authentication for a best-in-class customer experience that:

One Card. Total Security.

  • Seamlessly log in to accounts for a passwordless experience
  • Authenticate high-value transactions with ease
  • Make and authorize secure payments

One Card. Total Security.


Secure Your Customers. 
Protect Their Future.

Protect your crypto and NFTs with the power of self-custody. Our Arculus Card and App supports more than 10,000 tokens with WalletConnect and MetaMask integration. Level up your personal crypto security and buy our Arculus Cold Storage Wallet at our booth and receive a $20 discount!

Cold Storage that fits your lifestyle.

Visit us at Consensus in Austin, TX at Booth 1221 from May 29-31, 2024.
  • Reduces fraud
  • Protects digital assets
  • Provides passwordless experience
  • Increases customer acquisition
  • Generates top-of-wallet success
  • Reinforces your brand


Hype to Function - Enabling Real World Assets

Dr. Adam Lowe

Chief Product & Innovation Officer, Arculus by CompoSecure

What needs to happen for crypto to move beyond speculation to practical use? Find out about key developments in real-world asset tokenization, stablecoin utility trends, and seamless integration of crypto payments into everyday finance.

📆 Thursday, May 30 | 🕙 12:00 PM CDT 

📍Spotlight Stage

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